Harmful products

10 foods that are guaranteed to be deposited in fat

Nutritionists are to be commended since they have written off all the sins of fat, in whose direction the hunters for a healthy lifestyle used to be afraid to even breathe, when they mistakenly drew parallels between fats in food and fats under their skin.

From now on, the main culprits for flabby bodies are carbohydrates. But everything in this world has a dark side and a bright side, and when doctors boycott carbs, they should be clear with just one word: fast.

To classify them in this way allows their instant splitting, which means by no means complete annihilation, but a change of state under the control of insulin that does not know fatigue: now this is your excess weight.

And you can understand how much you load the pancreas by the glycemic index, which is assigned to all foods: the higher it is, the sooner the carbohydrates will be rebuilt into the fat layer.

You can envy the happy owners of such chain mail only in the cold, but while you are still able to climb the stairs without shortness of breath, pay attention to the list of products that should be tabooed.


Between the words “sugar” and “carbohydrates” it is tempting to put an equal sign, and there is an excuse for this – the product consists of 100% of them.

Once in the body, sucrose is instantly absorbed, breaking down into fructose and glucose, nourishing our body and giving us strength and vigor, which, on the one hand, is good and makes sugar an indispensable product.

On the other hand, each product has its own consumption rate, and for sugar it is 60 grams per day for a man and 50 for a woman.

Our body is supplied with sugar not only in the form of white grains, but also through other products. Surpluses are inevitable, and they are rapidly deposited under the skin in the form of fat.


In a conversation about the dangers of starch and its participation in the formation of unnecessary kilograms, concepts must be clearly separated.

As a natural carbohydrate component of rice, corn, nuts, legumes and potatoes and other products, there are no complaints about starch – it gives us strength, stabilizes immunity and prevents inflammatory processes.

Another thing is refined and modified starches, which are part of mayonnaise, bakery products and desserts.

In industrial conditions, starch loses a number of its useful properties and acquires a lot of harmful ones, which then results in atherosclerosis, hormonal disruptions and excess weight.


A massive beer belly is rightly called such. Whenever you plan to spend an evening with a three liter PET of draft beer, remember that our body regards it as fuel.

And like any fuel, beer is thrown out of the body, unlike not always healthy snacks, which the body wraps in subcutaneous fat and saves until hard times. In addition, malt, without which beer is not beer, is in the top ten in terms of the value of the glycemic index.

White bread

At some point, the advocates of a healthy lifestyle and those who sympathize with them fell into hysterics and sacrificed all the bread without exception.

Nutritionists needed to restore justice: the threat of folds on the stomach directly comes only from the white. In the process of production, the grain loses its shell and germ, that is, all the good that it had.

For us, there are starch, empty calories and fast carbohydrates with zero benefit.

Bakery products

Struggling for a sculpted torso? Sweet pastries also deserve your veto. Buns, biscuits, bagels, pancakes, croissants, pies and cakes, in fact, put a lot of what was mentioned above into the force of their impact.

None of the above is complete in cooking without wheat flour, modified starch and sugar, and the conclusions suggest themselves.

Sparkling water

Are diet sodas lower in calories than regular sodas? God knows what an argument, given the presence of artificial sweeteners in the composition, in particular, such as aspartame.

There are studies that dispute its right to be considered a healthy alternative to sugar, and their results show that the release of insulin under the pressure of aspartame is comparable to that which comes from plain sugar and the already mentioned white bread. And where insulin is, there is a fat belt at the waist.

Artificial puree

For the time that mashed potatoes that work according to the “just add water” scheme saves us, we pay with our health.

Custard puree is conveniently located in fatty deposits in about the same place as white bread, malt, biscuits and other harmful carbohydrates. In general, this applies to all industrially processed products.


Everything that we love and believe in, including hearty and delicious semolina, is alien to nutritionists. In kindergarten, they hid from us that semolina is a by-product of wheat processing.

In itself, the essence of a mess of carbohydrates, semolina, generously equipped with milk, sugar and butter, becomes an extremely nutritious and high-calorie product.

Then everything happens according to the well-established scheme “carbohydrates-insulin-glucose-excess weight”, but try to include semolina porridge in the diet of children on a regular basis, and rickets will also be added to the risk of getting an obese child.


Not news: chocolate makes you fat. It, like all other popular desserts, is fast carbohydrates.

And those individuals for whom eating a couple of boxes of chocolates is a trivial everyday task should be seriously prepared for the inevitable: buy a sofa or chair wider, collect all the necessary items in sight so as not to drag your body to them once again, etc.


Record holders for the value of the glycemic index, the dried fruits of the date palm are the exact opposite of what they were in their fresh and watery past.

Without water, dates are a sweet mass of dietary fiber and fast carbohydrates, and with each ingested fruit, you get closer to the need for advice from nutritionists.