Secrets of proper nutrition when playing poker

Very often people eat incorrectly during and after the game. There is not enough time, there is no canteen nearby – and many other factors that affect eating habits and can give digestive problems. But eating right is much easier than you think. We will remind you the rules of poker and offer several options for how to eat right.

Brief rules of online poker

To sum up and consolidate the material, I propose once again to briefly review the main points of the rules and the course of the distribution.

  • The dealer in the current distribution is determined and 2 players to the left of him make obligatory bets;
  • All players are dealt 2 cards;

Pre-flop. The first round of bidding takes place, where players see only their 2 cards.

Flop. 3 common cards are laid out on the table, which are visible to all players. Another round of betting

Turn. One more is added to the common cards. Another round of trading is

underway. Another card is added and the total number of cards on the table becomes 5. The final round of bidding takes place.

At all stages of the betting, if one player remains in the hand, and the rest played a fold, then he takes the pot and the rest of the rounds are not played.

Showdown. If after the final round on the river there are still players in the hand, then they show their hole cards in turn and the strongest poker combination is determined, which takes the pot in this hand.

If the combinations match, the kicker rule is applied, and if the hands are completely identical in strength, then these players divide the pot equally among themselves.

The dealer’s mark is passed to the next player to the left and the whole process of distribution is repeated anew.

After getting acquainted with the basic rules of online poker and learning all the poker combinations, we suggest you move on to your diet.

Very often people do not eat properly in the workplace. There is not enough time, there is no canteen nearby, only cookies are available – and many other factors that affect eating habits during the day. Eating on the run at eateries takes a lot of health and can cause digestive problems. But eating right at work is a lot easier than you think.

Proper nutrition to which should be excluded

Lots of coffee and tea during the working day, as well as energy. Remember that less than 300mg of caffeine is the norm.

Long periods between meals. It can lead to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Snacks, pies, fast food. Eating dry junk food rich in carbohydrates and fats can lead to the development of diabetes, the formation of excess weight.

Lots of sugary foods to fight stress or feed your brain. Get more energy better through a balanced meal throughout the day.

Permanent presence in the office, sedentary lifestyle. The body does not receive enough sunlight.

How not to eat

Fractional nutrition. You need to eat 4-5 times a day: breakfast, lunch, lunch, dinner. It is also advisable to include a meal between lunch and dinner. In this case, dinner should be light. The interval between the main meals should be approximately 5 hours.

Divide the daily ration correctly

Nutritionists advise:

  • Breakfast – 20-25% of products per day. Never skip breakfast before a work day. The best time for breakfast is before 9 am. If you don’t have time, it’s better to take breakfast with you.
  • Lunch – 40-45%. This is the heaviest meal of the day. For the main dish, lean meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, cereals, legumes are suitable. Remember, the later you eat, the lighter the meal.
  • Dinner – 20-25%. Accustom yourself to have dinner no later than 20.00, 4 hours before bedtime. Dinner should be light. So try not to starve.

Two snacks for 10%. And don’t forget to drink water throughout the day! Almost every office has a cooler.

Ready meals will save not only money, but also health.

Often people at work heat up food in the microwave. You can also cook cold dishes: salad with chicken breast or tuna, pita bread rolls with cheese or chicken, cream soup.

Take fresh vegetables with you, they will come in handy for a snack or at the end of the day when you really want to eat something fresh and light.

Ready meals

But not all firms have kitchens and even a microwave oven. Then you have to eat in the dining room, cafe or diner. If you can’t afford a business lunch in a cafe every day, then try to eat well at least once a week.

In the bistro, you can also choose healthy dishes: salads, sushi, vegetables.

Avoid heavy meals with fatty meats and potatoes drenched in sauce.

Snacking with proper nutrition

After 12 noon, many feel a breakdown, which they want to make up for with a quick snack – sweet, salty, crunchy. Chocolates, candy bars, salted peanuts, pizza from the stall, salads with mayonnaise – and many other foods that lead to obesity and health problems that must be avoided.

Keep in case of a sudden attack of hunger in a desktop drawer: muesli bars (look for sugar), dried fruits, fruit chips (apple), nuts, bread. These snacks are nutritious due to the fiber content. A glass of green or herbal tea invigorates well.

For healthy snacks, fruits, vegetables, dairy products are suitable. For example, pita bread with salad and cheese, a glass of tomato juice, a banana, a handful of almonds.

What should be the nutrition with a sedentary lifestyle

For those who do not leave their workplace all day, it is better to clearly plan the diet and monitor the calorie content of meals. Otherwise, excess weight will be deposited in the most inappropriate places.

For men, the average figures are 2100-2300 kcal per day, for women – 1800 kcal. These figures are suitable for people with a sedentary lifestyle and mental work.

As much as possible, you need to reduce the consumption of fatty foods – sausages, sausages, fatty meat, fast carbohydrates—bread, buns, confectionery. Reduce portion sizes.